BAMBI Moments

BAMBI is all about impressive people, pure emotions and a special atmosphere. The event creates legendary moments that move Germany and the world: BAMBI moments.


Justin Bieber fans on the BAMBI stage

In 2011, Mehri and Aleyna had an experience they will never forget. One minute they were standing in the BAMBI fan area outside the venue, the next presenter Kai Pflaume got them on stage to meet their idol, Justin Bieber, in front of millions of people. In an interview with, they recalled their racing hearts, shaking hands and sweaty palms. Justin Bieber even gave them a hug.


Tom Hanks bows before a “goddess”

A superstar kneels: The 56th BAMBI ceremony honoured Tom Hanks for his film “The Polar Express”. Before he could accept his award, the Hollywood superstar provided one of BAMBI’s most emotional moments. Approaching the presenter, Sophia Loren, Hanks fell to his knees, kissed her hand and called her “my goddess, my goddess”. Whether in the room or watching from home, audiences could not fail to be moved.


Superstar glamour with Hugh Jackman and Claudia Schiffer

A top German model famous around the world and a major Hollywood star: In 2017, Hugh Jackman and Claudia Schiffer walked the BAMBI red carpet, the epitome of glamour and spectacular celebrity – much to the joy of the photographers and camera crews.


Bill Gates: Motivated by BAMBI

When Bill Gates walked onto the BAMBI stage, it was the highlight of the 2013 ceremony. In his acceptance speech, he outlined his vision that everyone in the world should have the chance to lead a productive life and fulfil their potential, describing his BAMBI award as a great motivation to keep working. He received the “Millennium” BAMBI for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Michael Jackson’s message of love to the world

At BAMBI 2002, the King of Pop spread a message of love. He spoke of how September 11 had changed the world and the need for love, not war. Encouraging us all to be happy and joyful, he drew great applause from the BAMBI audience.


Regal moments with Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

In 2014, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark brought a touch of royal glamour when she received the “Charity” BAMBI for her dedication to fighting domestic abuse – and her acceptance speech wasn’t the only unforgettable moment. Her presence lent the red carpet a very special regal atmosphere.