Europe’s famous media award

Meg Ryan in a flurry of flashbulbs at BAMBI 2008
Meg Ryan in a flurry of flashbulbs at BAMBI 2008

It’s the most glamorous society event of the year: Every year, the BAMBI awards put German and international celebrities and other exceptional people in the spotlight, attracting a TV audience of more than six million people in Germany alone. The worldwide media attention, covering all six continents from South America to Asia, generates an annual total of more than 3.5 billion media contacts.

Like no other German media award, BAMBI pays homage to the heroes of our time who have touched and inspired us with their actions, talents and visions. The awards have captivated audiences since 1948. The BAMBI media prize is awarded by Hubert Burda Media, one of Europe’s leading publishing houses.

BAMBI is a symbol for the audience’s approval and a tribute to those whose abilities have dazzled and inspired the people of Germany. All the nominees have one thing in common: they have achieved something extraordinary. Each year, under the patronage of the chairman and publisher, Dr. Hubert Burda, a jury panel consisting of all chief editors in the company decides who should receive a BAMBI. The BAMBI is presented in categories such as film, fashion, sports and outstanding social commitment.

BAMBI award winners in previous years include a raft of distinguished personalities. Here are just a few: Muhammad Ali, Bill Clinton, David Copperfield, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Audrey Hepburn, Tommy Hilfiger, Rock Hudson, Michael Jackson, Queen Rania of Jordan, Heidi Klum, Karl Lagerfeld, Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Loren, Nelson Mandela, Kylie Minogue, Keanu Reeves, Meg Ryan, Claudia Schiffer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Queen Silvia of Sweden, Britney Spears, Kate Winslet.