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The German superstar Helene Fischer was awarded with a BAMBI

The BAMBI Award Ceremony broadcasted live from the Stage Theatre in Berlin on Thursday, November 14, 2013 granted great emotions, standing ovations and a TV premiere. German stars like Helene Fischer or the TV series Tatort were honoured as well as international Stars such as Robbie Williams and Miley Cyrus. The Tatort series was even represented by almost all current Tatort-Detectives who were all one the same stage for the first time ever. The show was broadcasted live on TV (“Das Erste”) and the audience could also follow the show via online live stream and social media channels.

With his electrifying live performance of the swing classic “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, entertainer and Bambi award winner Robbie Williams opened the 65th BAMBI Awards, one of the greatest social events of the year. The highly successful and triple-winning F.C. Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes (“Sport”) was honoured with standing ovations. The laudatory speech was given by the current Bayern coach Pep Guardiola.

One of the BAMBI Award’s highlights was the appearance of the world’s greatest benefactor Bill Gates. In his speech of thanks Bill Gates said, that it was his vision that everyone in the world had the chance to live a productive life and was able to realize his or her full potential. After receiving the Bambi for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he also said that receiving the Bambi was a great motivation. He too, was honoured by a touched audience with long standing ovations.

The golden fawn is an award given by journalists and honours those who excite, touch and move the German audience. Among this year’s Bambi award winners were stars like Udo Jürgens (“Life’s Work”), Victoria Beckham (“Fashion”), Grazia Milgiosini (“Our Planet”) and David Garrett (“Classic”).

The BAMBI Awards took place in Berlin for the fifth time (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002). Mercedes-Benz was presenting partner; Chopard, Gerolsteiner, Intel, Lufthansa, Peek & Cloppenburg DÜSSELDORF, Schwarzkopf, WMF were also official partners of the Bambi-Awards. Budweiser Budvar, Champagne Laurent-Perrier, Hôtel Concorde Berlin, Jägermeister, ROBINSON and Südliche Weinstrasse were suppliers.


  • Victoria Beckham has been honoured with the BAMBI award in the category "fashion".

  • David Garrett has been honoured with the BAMBI award in the category "classic".

  • Comedy: Sascha Grammel

  • Lebenswerk: Udo Jürgens

  • Entertainment: Robbie Williams

  • Millennium: Bill & Melinda Gates

  • Unsere Erde: Grazia Milgiosini

  • Klassik: David Garrett

  • Sport: Jupp Heynckes

  • Publikums-Bambi – People-Magazin des Jahres: Brisant

  • Musik National: Helene Fischer

  • Ehrenpreis der Jury: Tatort

  • Schauspieler National: Nadja Uhl

  • Film National: Schlussmacher

  • Klassik: David Garrett

  • Unsere Erde: Grazia Milgiosini

  • Sonderpreis der Jury: Andrea Berg

  • Schauspieler National: Tom Schilling

  • Integration: MitternachtsSport e.V.

  • Fashion: Victoria Beckham

  • Pop International: Miley Cyrus

  • The German superstar Helene Fischer was awarded with a BAMBI