Bambi press releases

BAMBI 2014: Stars and heroes meet in Berlin

On 13 November 2014, the awards were presented for the 66th time in Berlin’s Stage Theater, honouring German and international stars and everyday heroes previously unknown to the public. Winners included Hollywood actor Uma Thurman, Irish rock band U2, Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg and legendary director Helmut Dietl.


The BAMBI for Music International goes to U2

U2 are one of the world’s most successful rock bands. For almost four decades the four Irishmen have been topping international charts and filling stadiums. They have received 22 Grammys – more than any other band –and been firmly established in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2005. And this is why, in the ceremony in Berlin on 13 November, U2 will be presented with the BAMBI for music international. The band will be on the BAMBI-stage with a special live performance.


Newcomer BAMBI goes to Ariana Grande

With her powerful voice, 21-year-old American Ariana Grande is breaking every record going. She is the first artist in the history of music to have three songs in the US digital top 10 at the same time. Her single “Problem” hit number 1 in the US iTunes charts in just 37 minutes, one of the fastest ever journeys to the top spot. The album “My Everything” topped the iTunes charts in 80 countries – including Germany. And this is why, in the ceremony in Berlin on 13 November, Ariana Grande will be presented with the BAMBI for best newcomer.